Elder Justice

The Issue

Population aging means that elder abuse will continue to grow, as around 10 percent of seniors are abused every year. Financial exploitation and abuse are especially problematic, and the cognitive declines associated with aging make older people easier prey. In addition to a sharply increased risk of death, abused seniors are much more likely to be placed in residential care facilities than their non-abused counterparts.

Our Position

As seniors become more susceptible to fraud and abuse, family and professional caregivers must be the first line of defense against this tragedy. Government programs and private-sector solutions that protect seniors while educating and empowering their caregivers will go a long way in protecting seniors from fraud and abuse.

Key Legislation for Elder Justice:
  • Seniors Fraud Prevention Act of 2019: To establish an advisory office within the Bureau of Consumer Protection of the Federal Trade Commission to prevent fraud targeting seniors, and for other purposes. Learn more about this legislation.